About us

About us

About us

Hi, our future friends!

Our team is full of energy to orginize your trip in such an amazing country like Armenia. We concentrate not only for the information that you get from us about Armenia, but the EMOTION that you will get from Armenia. 

So only in our 2 days tours we choose the accommodation for an overnight in the locals\\\' gueshouses where in the evenings we spend lovely evenings speaking with each other or playing games.

In almost ALL our tours we try to visit locals, to see their handicrafts and works. Our lunches are to be have in the hospitable houses of the LOCALS. 

Why we do this?

We have two reasons:

◉ You will feel the REAL Armenia and get a full energy from communicating with locals

◉ By this YOU, with us, will grow the economy of the locals.So you will have your own investment in growing the locals businesses.

P.S. Our regular daily tours are in Armenian/English/Russian, so you will have a direct chance to have a trip with Armenian citizens also.